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Gideon Dunster headshot

Gideon Dunster, Ph.D.

Scientific Program Manager


Gideon joined the Allen Institute in April of 2022 as an Associate Scientific Project and Alliance Manager for Cell Science. Gideon received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the College of Wooster in 2013 and his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington in 2019. During his Ph.D., Gideon studied human sleep and circadian rhythms under Horacio de la Iglesia where they collaborated with local Seattle Schools to investigate the effect of delaying school start times on student sleep and academic performance. The resulting study, which indicated that students were sleeping more and performing better after the delay, has been covered worldwide and has been influential in the discussion of public policy surrounding school start times.

Prior to joining the Allen Institute, Gideon moved to the DC area for a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health where he worked to integrate circadian domains into research on mental health disorders. The goal was to combine automatic activity trackers (such as smart watches) with validated mental health screenings and another in-patient sampling to create the most comprehensive circadian profiles for mental health patients and their biological relatives.

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