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Galen Lynch Headshot

Galen Lynch, Ph.D.

Scientist I


Galen Lynch joined the Allen Institute in 2021 as part of the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from MIT, where he studied how dynamics across brain regions implement specific computations, and how multiple brain regions interact to produce adaptive behavior. He did this by characterizing the differences in neural dynamics that underlie the production of either the exploratory or skilled phases of a behavior. To make this possible, he developed new technologies for both extracellular electrophysiology and calcium imaging to simultaneously record populations of neurons in various phases of motor learning. Prior to this, he conducted research at Pioneer Hi Bred and Penn State, where he earned a BS in mathematics and a BS in biology.

Research Focus:

Galen's Ph.D. research built on a tradition of circuit dissection in songbird systems neuroscience in the context of a rich behavior. By studying identified populations of neurons during specific phases of song learning, the songbird field has made significant progress in understanding what each node in this network contributes to the behavior. Galen hopes to apply this perspective to ‘generalist’ mammals in the context of a similarly rich behavior. With the unprecedented ability to simultaneously record thousands of sites across multiple brain regions, Galen believes we can make great progress in understanding how circuits within the mammalian brain interact to produce behavior with at least the level of detail that we currently understand circuits within the specialist avian brain.

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