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Forrest Collman, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator


Forrest Collman is an assistant investigator working at the Allen Institute within the Human Cell Types group with Stephen Smith. He received his undergraduate training in physics from Princeton University, where he did his senior thesis with John Hopfield on computational models of olfaction using synchrony. He then did a Ph.D., also at Princeton, but within the Molecular Biology department where he worked with David Tank, helping developing methods for two-photon microscopy in awake behaving mice, as well as the design and construction of a virtual reality behavioral environment for head-fixed mice. Before joining the Allen Institute, he was a postdoc, also with Stephen Smith, at Stanford University, where he worked on the development of conjugate IF/SEM array tomography and its application to neural plasticity.

Research Focus:

I am interested in using array tomography to measure the molecular connectivity of neural circuits. At the Allen Institute, I will be working on developing better methods for the acquisition of large array tomography datasets to facilitate the high throughput screening of the distribution of different synapses on individual cells, as well as the application of this technology to imaging the molecular and structural differences between synapses of different types.

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