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Fahimeh Baftizadeh, Ph.D.

Scientist II


As a part of  the Modeling, Analysis and Theory group, Fahimeh Baftizadeh is developing computational techniques and tools to pursue large-scale, highly detailed and biophysically realistic simulations to study the effect of external electric stimulation on neuron and networks. This study is particularly important in deep brain stimulation (DBS) which is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of disabling neurological symptoms. Prior to the joining Allen institute, she was a postdoctoral associate at MIT where in collaboration with Novartis, she studied selective nucleation of pharmaceutical compounds on biocompatible surfaces. More specifically, she studied heterogeneous nucleation of Paracetamol. Before moving to the United States, she obtained a PhD in physics and chemistry of biological systems form SISSA in Trieste (Italy). At SISSA, she developed computational models for studying amyloid formation which is the hallmark of many neurodegenerative disorders.

Research Focus:

I am highly interested in developing methods to simulate biophysically detailed models of neurons. My main contribution is simulating the effect of external electric current on neuron network.