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emily turschak headshot

Emily Turschak

Research Associate III (PT)


Emily joined the Allen Institute for Brain Science after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As an undergraduate student at UNC, she studied neurobiological mechanisms of learning and memory using electrophysiological recordings, optogenetics, and immunohistochemistry. Her experience as a research associate at the Allen Institute has included studying the influence of neuromodulators on cortical function, performing 2-photon and light-sheet imaging of axons, and histological technique development.

Currently, she works in Dr. Clay Reid’s lab developing a pipeline using hydrogel-based tissue processing, IHC, fluorescent small molecule labeling, and light-sheet microscopy to create a high-resolution atlas of long-range axons in the human brain. Emily is also a Molecular Medicine & Mechanisms of Disease PhD student at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Research Focus:

Emily's research focus incudes: Mapping long-range axons in human brains; Neuropathology atlasing; Lightsheet microscopy; and Expansion microscopy.

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