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Emily Kussick headshot

Emily Kussick

Research Associate II


Emily is a research associate with the Human Cell Types department at the Allen Institute, on the Gene Therapy team. She graduated from Claremont Mckenna College in 2021 with B.S. in Neuroscience. As an undergraduate, Emily was involved in multiple research projects studying the effects of pain on both behavioral and cognitive aspects of the CNS. Her favorite project was a study implicating macrophages in chronic pain persistence through their indirect sensitization of primary afferent cell bodies in the Dorsal Root Ganglion.

Research Focus:

At the Allen Institute, Emily works on developing AAVs to target key cell populations involved in the pathologies associated with neurodegenerative diseases in the brain and spinal cord. Her main responsibilities include working with and injecting animals, histology, staining, imaging, analysis, and a variety of molecular biology techniques to understand and work to recover damaged cellular circuits.

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