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Delissa McMillen, M.S., M.B.A.

Research Associate Supervisor


Currently, Delissa works in the Molecular Biology department as part of the RSeq team as a Research Associate. Previously, Delissa worked at UW in the Voss Lab researching biomarkers for fatigue in patients with cancer and HIV/AIDS on varying levels of chemotherapies using mtDNA. Before moving to Washington, she worked at a small biotech company, TetraCore, where she was the lead research associate in genomic sequencing. Prior, she worked at Johns Hopkins University on breast and brain cancers that metastasize to the bone primarily the spine, partially focusing on CPE and the role they play.

As an US Army and Air National Guard Veteran, Delissa served as a medic in both armed services. Delissa earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from Buffalo State College in New York, holds Masters degrees in Biotechnology specializing in bioinformatics and Business Administration, and a post graduate certification in Biotechnology Laboratory Management from the University of Maryland.