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Cliff Slaughterbeck, Ph.D.

Senior Manager, System Design Engineering


Cliff Slaughterbeck’s undergraduate studies were at the University of Idaho (BS Mathematics and BS Physics), followed by graduate work at the University of Washington (PhD Physics) where he studied the surface of ice using an atomic force microscope. Following graduate school, he joined a data acquisition company doing systems integration of their data acquisition products into large scale instrumentation and control applications. That work led to him joining a small industrial sensor manufacturer where he wrote embedded software for systems control applications. He left that firm to take a job closer to home at a startup company that designed a desktop mass spectrometer. At the demise of the startup, he took a job at the Allen Institute.

Slaughterbeck currently manages the Systems Design team which is part of the Manufacturing and Process Engineering department. The team is responsible for building and integrating instrumentation to help pipeline projects provide high quality and high throughput, with an emphasis on building robust and easy to use systems that produce great data.

Research Focus:

My initial role at the Allen Institute was to write the software that was used to acquire the images for the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas. As that project drew to a successful close, my role expanded to help design the instrumentation and tooling that was used to support the subsequent Allen Brain Atlas projects. As the engineering team has grown, my role has become more focused on system integration–making sure that the many different mechanical, electrical, and software portions of a project all work together to create an integrated system.

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