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Christian Bonatto headshot

Christian Bonatto, Ph.D.

Scientist II


Christian Louis Bonatto Paese, Ph.D., is a seasoned researcher with over 9 years of expertise in cell, molecular, and developmental biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Biological and Molecular Sciences from Oxford Brookes University, focusing on the embryogenesis of the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum. His research elucidated the roles of Hes and Sox genes during this process, under the guidance of Prof. Alistair McGregor.

Christian's research career includes roles as a Scientist II at the Allen Institute for Brain Research, where he enhances gene expression detection techniques for understanding vertebrate brain cell types. Prior to this, he was a Research Scientist II at Seattle Children’s Hospital, contributing to cancer and developmental biology research on medulloblastoma.

During his tenure at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a Research Fellow, Christian delved into developmental biology of the craniofacial apparatus, concentrating on animal models of ciliopathy. His postdoctoral stint at the National Cancer Institute involved research on mouse genetics and developmental biology, particularly the FGF family of genes.

Christian is characterized as self-driven, collaborative, and a problem-solver. He possesses advanced skills in microscopy, molecular biology techniques (CRISPR-Cas9, transgenesis), and expertise in cutting-edge methodologies such as hybridization chain reaction (HCR), RNAScope in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, embryonic injections, and single-cell transcriptomics.

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