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Chris Chronopoulos head shot photo

Chris Chronopoulos, M.Sc.

Senior Engineer


Chris is an embedded systems engineer with diverse experience in scientific data acquisition and project management. He has developed hardware and software for neuroscience research in both industry and academia, and has managed R&D for a number of NIH-funded SBIR projects, including high-channel count electrophysiology and light-field microscopy. At the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics, Chris directs instrumentation development for the various experimental platforms, and cultivates an open source practice in the documentation and distribution of technology. He earned a BS in physics from MIT, and an MS in astrophysics from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied the solar interior using massively parallel computer simulations.

Research Focus:

Chris is interested in multimodal, high-throughput data acquisition, experimental control and automation for neuroscience. For electrophysiology, this means extracellular multi-electrode arrays, control systems for animal behavior, and automated spike-sorting. For microscopy, this means light-sheet, light-field, and scanning two-photon techniques, along with computational imaging and data analysis. Most projects involve pushing the limits of data transfer, storage, and processing.

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