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Bryan MacLennan

Research Associate II


Bryan joined the Neural Coding group at the Allen Institute in 2015 to work with Soumya Chatterjee; investigating the properties of microcircuits in mouse visual cortex. At the Institute, he performs 2-photon calcium imaging of neural populations and single-cell electroporation for neuronal reconstruction and monosynaptic circuit tracing. Prior to joining the Institute, Bryan spent a year as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of Karel Svoboda at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus. Working with scientist Aaron Kerlin, he supported research on neural plasticity and the circuits underlying sensorimotor learning. As an undergraduate, Bryan completed an internship in Clay Reid’s lab at Harvard Medical School where he assisted Aaron and Soumya with their work on monosynaptic neuronal networks. Bryan holds a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University.