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Brooke Wynalda Headshot

Brooke Wynalda

Research Associate I


Brooke Wynalda (they/she) joined the Allen Institute for Brain Science Human Cell Types Group as a Research Associate I on the Human Gene Therapy Team in April of 2022. Their work focuses on adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector engineering as targeted therapeutic treatment for neurodegenerative diseases in preclinical mouse models. Before working at the Allen Institute, Brooke graduated in June 2021 from Seattle University, with a B.S. in Biology and minors in English and Philosophy. During their undergraduate career, Brooke participated in a wide variety of research projects, but fell in love with molecular genetics while studying the impact of a sulfur transporter knockout in Arabidopsis thaliana as part of the Zanis Lab. After graduating they continued their work in the Zanis Lab as a National Science Foundation Research Fellow, pivoting toward viral disease evolution and ecology as they investigated the role of selfish genetic elements within the genomes of viruses that infect freshwater algae in the greater Seattle area. In all of their work, Brooke hopes that they can stay committed to building a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and compassionate scientific community.