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Aparna Bhaduri, Ph.D.

University of California, San Francisco


Aparna Bhaduri is a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, San Francisco in the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research, in the lab of Dr. Arnold Kriegstein. She previously completed her doctoral degree in cancer biology at Stanford University, where she focused on epithelial tissue differentiation and neoplasms. As a postdoctoral scholar, she has used single-cell RNA sequencing to characterize cell types in the developing cortex across cortical areas, in human and non-human primates, and in glioblastoma. Because experimental manipulations of the developing human cortex will require in vitro models, she has been using similar approaches to compare cells types in organoid models and primary tissues. Her long-term interests are in understanding how stem cells during cortical development give rise to the human brain, and how aspects of these developmental programs can be hijacked in cancers such as glioblastoma. One aspect of normal development and cancer that particularly interests her is the role of metabolism in regulating cell fate and tissue homeostasis. In order to explore these questions, Aparna uses single-cell genomics, informatic analysis, and organoid models.