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Antoine Borensztejn headshot

Antoine Borensztejn, Ph.D.

Scientist III


Antoine Borensztejn joined the Microscopy and Image Analysis Team of the Allen Institute for Cell Science in November 2018. The team is responsible on a very large scale in acquiring all microscopy images and video of the cells studied in the department.

Antoine obtained his Ph.D. in Developmental Biology at Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris, France) in 2012 in the lab of Anne-Marie Pret. He held two postdoctoral positions, respectively at Brown and Harvard University where he studied the regulation of apoptosis in Drosophila. His research has heavily relied on 4-channel immunostaining and fluorescent in situ (with or without co-immunostaining). Therefore, he acquired expertise in multi-channel laser confocal microscopy image acquisition, processing, and analysis.

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