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Aditya Nath

Aditya Nath, M.S.

Scientific Data Engineer II


Aditya joined the Institute in April of 2019, and is a part of the Cell Science Microscopy and Image Analysis team. He is responsible for imaging and analyzing stem cells with GFP tagged structures along with analyzing this image data and finding ways to automate imaging processes.

​His graduate work included creating a mathematical model for simulation of growth and development of a mouse aorta under Dr. Jessica Wagenseil. Prior to joining the Institute, he worked on multiple projects, including: Understanding how Rho-kinase inhibitor Y27632 affects differentiation and viral transduction efficiency of airway epithelial cells, Analyzing large datasets created through HIV vaccine and prevention clinical trials, Developing immunoassays to detect Yersinia Pestis and Melioidosis in human urine, blood, and serum.

Aditya received his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, and his M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Saint Louis University.