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A new technique lets scientists watch live neurons in glowing color. Here, a piece of human brain tissue, donated by a patient undergoing brain surgery in the Seattle area, is lit up in green and blue thanks to a modified virus that delivers fluorescent labels only to a single class of neuron in the brain. Green cells are inhibitory neurons; blue are all cells.


Allen Institute Announces 2022 Next Generation Leaders


Six early-career neuroscientists will help guide research into the complexities of the mammalian brain

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Look in the labs | Neural Dynamics


How do different brain regions connect and communicate? Researchers at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics are 3D imaging whole mouse brains in...

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Image of a glowing mouse brain

Science Images

SciShots: The 3D network inside a mouse’s brain


Scientists are piecing together the puzzle of the brain using light-sheet microscopy

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Illustration by Jenny Burns / Allen Institute


Why is the human brain so difficult to understand? We asked 4 neuroscientists.


Thoughts, memories, sensations — why are we still in the dark about how they work?

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Researchers setting up an experiment at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics


Announcing the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics, a new neuroscience division of the Allen Institute


New Institute will study how the brain’s circuitry and activity give rise to complex behavior, decision making and memory

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