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A researcher at the Allen Institute for Brain Science prepares a piece of live human brain tissue. Photo by Erik Dinnel / Allen Institute


How do human neurons respond to psychedelics?


Neuroscientists send live human brain samples on a trip to glean insights into consciousness, therapy for depression and anxiety

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The author, an intern in the editorial and media team of the Communications department, presents her poster on effective science communication strategies and the articles she wrote for the Allen Institute website. Photo by Jenny Burns / Allen Institute


23 interns, 4 coffee machines, 1 summer: Through the eyes of this year’s cohort of budding science professionals


Allen Institute welcomes interns on-site for the first time since 2019 — these are some of their stories

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Data gathered with Neuropixels, tiny silicon probes capable of recording electrical activity from hundreds of neurons at a time.


From 300,000 mouse neurons, scientists hope to glean how the brain drives behavior


New public dataset captures billions of electrical spikes from brains of animals trained to identify ‘oddball’ photos

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Lab Notes | Building a consciousness meter with Christof Koch


Can we put a number on human consciousness?

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Allen Institute neuroscientist Xana Waughman describes recordings of mouse neuron activity — in a technique known as 2-photon microscopy, scientists are able to capture neurons switching on and off through a fluorescent sensor engineered to light up with cellular activity. This technique is one of those used in OpenScope, a shared brain observatory program at the Allen Institute.


New research to understand how the brain handles optical illusions and makes predictions


3 new projects launch on OpenScope, a shared neuroscience observatory at the Allen Institute

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Illustration by Jenny Burns / Allen Institute


Why is the human brain so difficult to understand? We asked 4 neuroscientists.


Thoughts, memories, sensations — why are we still in the dark about how they work?

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For Brain Awareness Week 2022, we dropped in on five Allen Institute teams working to understand the brain. Get a glimpse into their workdays.


A day in the (neuroscience) life: OpenScope


Scientists on the OpenScope team help share the Allen Institute’s ‘observatory of the mind’ with the larger scientific community

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