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Illustration showing a literal long road ending at a sunsetting coronavirus with ominous mountains


Lab Notes | The mystery of long COVID


Where are we with long COVID? Researchers at the Allen Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center are working to understand the science behind this...

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Lab Notes | Cracking the code of addiction


Neuroscientists at the Allen Institute and the University of North Carolina are working to crack the biology of reward and addiction. Hear about their...

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Bee illustration with a textured background


Lab Notes | Bees suffer from social isolation too


Neuroscientist Z Yan Wang investigated how social isolation impacted young bumblebees, and it looks like they grow up to be a little ‘socially...

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Abstract illustration showing a human profile with a brain and swirling artistic connections symbolizing consciousness


Lab Notes | Building a consciousness meter with Christof Koch


Can we put a number on human consciousness?

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Illustration of a brain surrounded by question marks


Lab Notes | Why don’t we understand the brain?


Scientists have known for centuries that the brain is the seat of human thought, but we’re still in the dark about how it works.

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Illustration showing hands in fiery pain with RA surrounded by abstract science imagery


Lab Notes | Fire Inside: The quest to understand and prevent rheumatoid arthritis


In the early '80s, Linda Sloate was a 30-year old mom raising three little kids when she became one of an estimated 20 million people worldwide living...

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Header image for Lab Notes with Tina and Yaa


Lab Notes | The novelist and the scientist


When neuroscientist Christina Kim published an important research study, her close friend, novelist Yaa Gyasi, wanted to understand more about her...

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Illustration showing someone with an upset stomach


Lab Notes | Starved but unable to eat: Life with Crohn’s


Aldan Beaubien was in high school when a smorgasbord of bagels, cream cheese and apple juice left him in agony. Months later, doctors diagnosed him...

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Illustration showing Seattle Skyline with magnifying glass looking for the Covid virus


Lab Notes | SCANning for coronavirus


The SCAN study launched to track Covid-19 in the Seattle area led by Allen Discovery Center leader Dr. Jay Shendure

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Illustration showing a coronavirus with a monster-like shadow


Lab Notes | Taming the beast


When the first COVID-19 cases began arriving at hospitals int he U.S., doctors nicknamed the illness "The Beast" because of the way it attacked the...

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illustration showing a person wearing a mask with two streams coming out. One stream has viruses, and the other does not.


Lab Notes | A wearable diagnostic for COVID-19


What if there were a face mask that could tell you you’re infected with coronavirus before you ever show symptoms?

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