Microscopic viewpoints, computer-generated models, intricate tracings and more — see a new side of science.

SciShots: Who talks to the visual part of the brain?

Technique built off rabies virus lets scientists trace backward flow of neural activity in the mouse brain

SciShots: Illuminating a mysterious brain structure

Neuroscientists are shedding literal light on the mouse claustrum, a tiny part of the brain with an outsized number of connections 

SciShots: Brain-o-lantern

Quality control spies a spooky brain

SciShots: The Brain’s Cleanup Crew and Paramedics

The shape-shifting microglia play a vital role in maintaining brain health

SciShots: The brain’s mysterious, multipurpose immune system

Microglial cells act as the brain’s waste disposal when healthy — can they be manipulated to protect against disease? 

SciShots: Clusters of Alzheimer’s cells

New data explores the cellular landscape of Alzheimer’s disease

SciShots: The 3D network inside a mouse’s brain

Scientists are piecing together the puzzle of the brain using light-sheet microscopy

SciShots: Brain tumors in high-res

Scientists are using tumor “spheroids” to study glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer

SciShots: Exploring cellular variability

Scientists are studying the wide range of “normal” within human cells 

SciShots: Glowing muscles of the comb jelly

Biologists are studying the neurons and muscle cells of the ctenophore, a type of sea jelly that is the sister group to all other animals 

SciShots: A quartet of brain cells

Scientists are sifting through the hundreds of thousands of brain cells present in a cubic millimeter of mouse brain

SciShots: The labyrinthian protein factory of the cell

Graphics software for microscope imagery lights up the endoplasmic reticulum 

SciShots: How the brain plugs leaks

A delicate molecular dance maintains the blood-brain barrier, protecting the brain while allowing transport of necessary resources

SciShots: Gentle imaging for delicate cells

Examining fine details for longer time periods

SciShots: Modeling for the masses

New tool helps scientists see how E. coli finds its center

SciShots: Rare kraken cell line released

Illuminating structures in Magnumlolligo glacies cells with unprecedented detail

SciShots: One happy cell (nucleus)

Explorations of the nuclear envelope, the thin membrane surrounding a cell’s chromosomes, reveal unexpected wrinkles 

SciShots: A sneak peek of a new Alzheimer’s disease project

Researchers are in the early stages of investigating the brain cells most vulnerable to this devastating form of dementia 

SciShots: Neurons in crisp, clear detail

Electron microscopy reveals the stunning 3D shapes of mouse visual neurons

SciShots: A crown of neurons

Brain-wide neuron tracing of cells in the mouse claustrum, a mysterious structure that’s highly connected to the rest of the brain

SciShots: A neuron’s love connection

A specialized team of neuroscientists at the Allen Institute spend their days painstakingly tracing neurons’ complex branching structures 

SciShots: A cell’s fate

Synthetic biology is helping scientists understand development

SciShots: Cellular scaffolding

Computer animation techniques light up cells’ inner workings

SciShots: A star-shaped human brain cell

Scientists catch a glimpse of a rare kind of human astrocyte

SciShots: An assortment of heart cells

Scientists are capturing the wide visual diversity of human cells

SciShots: Mini-brains

Lab-grown mini-organs are helping scientists understand how our own brains evolved