Our Impact

Explore our top accomplishments in the timeline, video and our Annual Report below.  

See how our resources are impacting the scientific community and see how the patients with immune-related disorders are inspiring our research.

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History and Accomplishments at-a-glance:

Impact at the Allen Institute

2018 Annual Report: 15 Years of Impact

The Allen Institute was founded in 2003 to tackle hard problems in brain science. We recently celebrated 15 years since our launch with three divisions, and nearly 500 employees from 34 different scientific disciplines.

Our Impact in Action

Open Science is one of our founding credos: sharing all our data and tools with the world. See how this model has accelerated discovery in the broader scientific community and see how patients with immune-related diseases are inspiring our research in our original series, Cell Shorts, Data Stories, and Out of Balance.

Cell Shorts

See how our predictive models of human cells and stem cell lines are accelerating research in the cell biology and biomedical research community. 


Cell Shorts | Bringing cell science resources to the classroom

July 12, 2019

Biology textbook pictures of cells can be misinterpreted or misleading. These three biology teachers are using real pictures and data of human cells to help their students learn.


Cell Shorts | Accelerating degenerative eye disease therapies

June 25, 2019

See how Kapil Bharti from the National Eye Institute is working to find new therapies for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with the help of the Allen Cell Collection.


New VR game lets you learn about cells by tossing them

February 19, 2019

The app, now on display at Pacific Science Center, teaches users the stages of cell division through interactions with 3D models of human cells

Data Stories

Learn how the neuroscience community has used our data to gain insight into autism, language disorders, the biology of the visual system and more. 


Data Stories | How a weight loss drug acts on the brain

October 7, 2019

Scientists at a pharmaceutical company want to know how the drug they developed for weight management affects the brain. Allen Institute resources are helping them figure it out.


Data Stories | Addiction & the visual system

May 1, 2019

See how researcher Randy Ellis uses the Allen Brain Observatory dataset as he works to find new ways to treat drug addiction.


Data Stories | A tiny brain structure with an outsized role in neurological disorders

February 8, 2019

Neuroscientist Emily Sylwestrak’s studies of the habenula could one day shed light on the biology of addiction. It all began with a chance observation she made sifting through data from the Allen Institute.

Out of Balance

Get a personal look into the lives of people living with immune-related diseases. Their journeys are what inspire researchers at the Allen Institute for Immunology.


Out of Balance | Linda's life with RA

May 16, 2019

In our new series Out of Balance, see how rheumatoid arthritis patient Linda Sloate has persevered through countless surgeries and therapies, and what she hopes scientists at the Allen Institute for Immunology can accomplish.


Out of Balance | Alyssa’s life with Crohn’s disease

May 14, 2019

Medical student Alyssa Clements bounced from doctor to doctor for her mysterious pain before she was finally diagnosed. One doctor even told her she’d never be a physician.


Out of Balance | Tom Bumol’s life after lymphoma

February 26, 2019

What happens when an immunologist gets a life-threatening, immune-related disease? In Bumol’s case, he doubles down on his research.