Staff Profiles

Aldan Beaubien

Senior DevOps/SecOps Engineer

Aldan currently works on the IT and Pipelines team in Immunology where his main focus revolves around the build out of the Human immune system explorer (HISE). Prior to joining the Institute, Aldan worked at Multiscale Health Network using patient data to predict trends in hospital occupancy and emergency patient conditions. He received a B.S. in Network Security with a concentration in healthcare and high performance computing from Eastern Michigan University.

Selected Publications

Multimodal analysis for human ex vivo studies shows extensive molecular changes from delays in blood processing

May 21, 2021

Savage AK, Gutschow MV, Chiang T, Henderson K, Green R, Chaudhari M, Swanson E, Heubeck AT, Kondza N, Burley KC, Genge PC, Lord C, Smith T, Thomson Z, Beaubien A, Johnson E, Goldy J, Bolouri H, Buckner J, Meijer P, Coffey EM, Skene PJ, Torgerson TR, Li XJ, Bumol TF