Neurofutures 2019

Neurofutures 2019

Join top thought leaders in research, engineering, industry, and clinical domains at NeuroFutures 2019. The event will be held at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR.

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07/11/2019 to 07/13/2019


Neurofutures 2019 is hosting speakers from a wide range of fields, including focus areas in aging, development, cells and circuits, building blocks of neural systems, memory, and addiction.

Speakers from the Allen Institute for Brain Science include:

Friday, July 12

Session 3: Cells and circuits

3:15pm: Yun Wang, PhD, Senior Scientist. Whole-brain reconstruction and classification of single spiny claustral neurons and L6b_PCs of Gnb4 Tg mice.

3:55pm: Josh Siegle, PhD, Scientist II. An open, standardized database of spiking activity across the mouse visual system.

Saturday, July 13

Session 4: Building blocks of neural systems

9:10am: Rebecca Hodge, PhD, Senior Scientist. Cell type diversity in human cerebral cortex.




Supercharge your Research Using Data and Tools from the Allen Brain Atlas

This workshop will introduce attendees to the variety of scientific resources from the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Multiple large-scale, multidimensional, publicly available datasets provide insight into the transcriptional, functional, and structural landscape of the mouse and human brain. These datasets also provide insights into gene expression in the adult and developing human brain, and in neurotypical and select disease states. This workshop will focus on Allen Brain Atlas resources relevant for basic research in mammalian neuroscience with a focus on the human brain, how to access data contained in the resources, and potential research applications through an interactive sample experiment. After attending the workshop, participants will be prepared to use the breadth of these datasets in their own research.

Thursday, July 11, 2019
OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building



Learn more about research from the Allen Institute for Brain Science at posters:

Friday, July 12

7. Imaging mesoscale cortical activity across behavior training on a visual change detection task.
Presenting author: Sahar Manavi
8. Cortical survey of contrast tuning reveals large cell-type-specific biases in contrast and direction selectivity.
Presenting author: Dan Millman

Saturday, July 13

12. A 3-D digital human brain common coordinate framework (hCCF): manual annotation of cortical and subcortical regions of MNI_ICBM152 MRI template.
Presenting author: Josh Royall


Neurofutures 2019

Oregon Health and Science University
Knight Cancer Research Building
2720 SW Moody Ave
Portland, OR 97201

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