Staff Profiles

Kathy Henderson

Senior Research Associate

As a Research Associate on the Experimental Immunology team, Kathy hopes to bring her many years of experience working in the biotechnology industry to assist the team in translating the knowledge gleaned from the large-scale studies planned at the Institute into potential diagnostics or treatments for immune diseases.  Prior to her time at the Institute, Kathy spent several years working in both the Immunology and Oncology groups at ZymoGenetics where she studied Type III Interferons, IL-21 and other immune mediators of disease as part of their human genome mining effort.  She also spent time in the Tumor Vaccine Group at the University of Washington, studying the mechanism of action of a novel Toll-Like Receptor Agonist on NK and other immune cells.  More recently, Kathy worked on the Bioanalytical Sciences Team at Alpine Immune Sciences assisting the Translational and Clinical teams studying PK, exposure and stability of protein therapeutics.  Kathy is thrilled to be part of this new and exciting effort at the Allen Institute for Immunology.

Selected Publications

Multimodal analysis for human ex vivo studies shows extensive molecular changes from delays in blood processing

May 21, 2021

Savage AK, Gutschow MV, Chiang T, Henderson K, Green R, Chaudhari M, Swanson E, Heubeck AT, Kondza N, Burley KC, Genge PC, Lord C, Smith T, Thomson Z, Beaubien A, Johnson E, Goldy J, Bolouri H, Buckner J, Meijer P, Coffey EM, Skene PJ, Torgerson TR, Li XJ, Bumol TF