Ask Anything, Change Everything

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign start date:  February 1, 2021
Campaign deadline: March 16, 2021

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What is the purpose of the Ask Anything, Change Everything campaign?

This campaign seeks to drive bioscience innovation and technology development in a way that is visionary—taking a forward-thinking, nimble and meaningful approach to both identify and support the needs of the broad scientific community. Through this campaign, we seek to: (1) engage the full bioscience research community to surface new properties, qualities, or unit states to target for measurement, and (2) launch a call, challenging pioneers in the engineering, biotechnology, and/or computational communities to create technologies to open this revolutionary ‘new frontier’.

How are top ideas selected? Who is part of the selection process?

Top ideas will be selected by a panel of experts from across the biological research community. Up to two ideas may be chosen, and other submissions may be revisited downstream.

How much funding will the selected idea receive?

Funding of up to US$10million will be awarded for research and technology development in the area(s) of the selected idea(s).

How many awards will be given out?

Up to ten awards will be made.

If my idea is selected, who will do the research/work to realize it?

The top idea(s) will be the focus of a call for proposals. The most innovative projects, driven by qualified researchers, engineers and tool builders, will be selected for their promising approach.

What is the timeline from idea submission to funds being awarded?

Idea submissions are accepted until March 16, 2021. Funds will be awarded in 2022.

Will I automatically receive funding if I can realize my idea and it's selected?

No. The top idea(s) will be the focus of a call for proposals and review process.

How do I stay up-to-date about the Ask Anything, Change Everything campaign?

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