Accelerating discovery in the century of bioscience

Supporting frontier approaches

For more than a decade, Paul G. Allen has made awards to support extraordinary scientific minds and spark new directions in bioscience research. To date over $200M in research awards have been made, and with the 2016 launch of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, a division of the Allen Institute, the award mechanisms have grown to include both Allen Distinguished Investigators as well as Allen Discovery Centers. The Frontiers Group continues to identify and foster ideas that will change the world and increase creative dialogue and pioneering approaches, through its ever-growing network of Allen awardeesWe strive to have such efforts lay the foundation for a new era in biology, shaping how science can be done both here at the Allen Institute and across the globe. We are committed to a continuous conversation with the scientific community that allows us to support the people and approaches at the very frontiers of science and accelerate our understanding of biology. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group is to uncover and make visible the emerging frontiers of science, identifying pioneering explorers to create new knowledge, and produce important solutions that make the world better.


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