Cell Science


Why the Allen Institute?

Our world encompasses complex systems, from the microscopic machinery of our cells to the robust and prolific computations of our brains. The Allen Institute is dedicated to making sense of these complex systems through a combination of team science, big science and open science. The Allen Institute currently encompasses three entities supported by a shared administration group: Allen Institute for Brain Science; Allen Institute for Cell Science; and The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group. Our common goals to drive progress and make a positive impact each day come first. We believe that the result of working together as a team far exceeds the sum of our individual strengths. We are dedicated to providing our colleagues and the scientific community the results that can make an impact on discoveries.

The Allen Institute believes that team science significantly benefits from the participation of diverse voices, experiences and backgrounds. High-quality science can only be produced when it includes different perspectives. We are committed to increasing diversity across every team and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for our open positions.

Our teams are diverse; our talent is world class. If you want to be part of charting a new territory, consider joining our team. Explore our job opportunities today.

Why the Allen Institute for Cell Science?

The Allen Institute for Cell Science aims to impact the entire cell science community. Our goal is to advance understanding of cell behavior in its normal, pathological, and regenerative contexts. Our multidisciplinary team will generate novel cellular reagents, data, models and databases that are informed by and open to scientists around the world. We will produce unique dynamic, visual databases and cellular models that integrate information and data across cellular and molecular sciences. 

The Institute will have three major activities: an hiPS cell, gene editing and systems microscopy pipeline, predictive modeling and theory, and a dynamic and novel visual output for experiments and models. The overarching theme is approaching cells, singly and in collectives, as an integrated system of organelles and molecular machines.


At the Allen Institute, we have a unique culture that blends the best of academia, scientific research and technology. Our scientific reach is global and so is our workforce. We are a talented and diverse group of individuals with multiple perspectives – we accomplish great things because we work, learn and succeed together. At the Allen Institute you will find mathematicians, physicists, engineers, neuroscientists, geneticists and informatics experts working side-by-side towards a common goal.

Our collaborative, milestone-driven culture and shared purpose ensure our success in creating tangible results that benefit the global community.

Join Our Team

The Allen Institute for Cell Science is building our multidisciplinary team. You can review current opportunities online or contact us at aicsrecruiting@alleninstitute.org.

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Staffing Vendor Notice

Staffing vendors, including recruitment agencies and/or search firms, must have a signed, written contract with the Allen Institute for Cell Science prior to the presentation of any candidates. The Allen Institute for Cell Science does not accept resumes from staffing vendors that do not have a written contract with the Allen Institute for Cell Science and will not pay fees to any such vendors without a current signed contract on file. If you wish to become a contracted staffing vendor of the Allen Institute for Cell Science, please contact Human Resources. Thank you for your interest in doing business with The Allen Institute for Cell Science.