Staff Profiles

Tim Murphy-Stevens, Ph.D.

Senior Instrument Specialist

Timothy is currently Senior Instrument Specialist in the Microscopy Division of the Allen Institute for Cell Science, where he oversees and manages the microscopy imaging facility. Timothy previously worked in the microscopy industry as a Field Application Specialist for companies such as Carl ZEISS Microscopy, and Olympus America. He earned his Ph.D. in evolutionary neurodevelopment from the Department of Zoology at Michigan State University, where he “imaged and built 3D models of snail brains to whale brains." He earned his BA in Biology and Psychology from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   


Research Interests

Experienced biomedical research application and technical support professional with over 20 years of experience. Expertise in light microscopy, transmitted (bright-field, dark-filed, phase, DIC) and fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging, confocal microscopy, and image analysis. 14-year track record in capital equipment consulting, supporting, training and selling microscope-based imaging system and analysis software products within the biological research, educational, clinical, pathology, cell biology, assay development, and cellular research and bio-medical fields            


  • Variance
  • EMT
  • Nuclear Morphogenesis
  • Morphogenesis of Key Structures
  • Mitotic Cell State
  • Concentration Map


Selected Publications

Anatomy and Three-Dimensional Reconstructions of the Brain of the White Whale (Delphinapterus leucas) From Magnetic Resonance Images

The Anatomical Record
April 1, 2001

Marino L, Murphy TL, Deweerd AL, Morris JA, Fobbs AJ, Humblot N, Ridgway SH, Johnson JI