Staff Profiles

Sue Ludmann, M.S.

Senior Research Associate

Sue is a Research Associate in the Image Based Assay Development group.  Sue received her BS from Bowling Green State University and MS from Miami University (both in Ohio).  She studied axonemal dynein in Tetrahymena for her Master’s thesis and then worked on both cytoplasmic dynein and kinesin in Drosophila at the University of Minnesota.  From there she went to ChromaVision Medical Systems in San Juan Capistrano, California.  At this “start-up” medical device company she was involved in the development of an automated microscope and also worked on key assays for rare cell detection such as isolating and detecting circulating tumor cells in the blood of cancer patients.  Then she moved up to Seattle where she worked for Nastech Pharmaceuticals and then Amgen.  While at Amgen she worked in the Discovery Toxicology group developing cell based assays to test various compounds of interest using both FACS and imaging.  Sue used a number of imaging platforms including a high end multi-photon confocal microscope and developed a number of image based assays to support the Amgen pipeline.  Sue enjoys visualizing cellular components and dynamics and is very excited to be part of the Allen Institute for Cell Science.

Selected Publications

Fluorescent Gene Tagging of Transcriptionally Silent Genes in hiPSCs

Stem Cell Reports
April 4, 2019

Roberts B, Hendershott MC, Arakaki J, Gerbin KA, Malik H, Nelson A, Gehring J, Hookway C, Ludmann SA, Yang R, Haupt A, Grancharova T, Valencia V, Fuqua MA, Tucker A, Rafelski SM, Gunawardane RN