Staff Profiles

Kaytlyn Gerbin, Ph.D.


Kaytlyn Gerbin joined the Stem Cell and Gene Editing Team in 2017 as a hiPSC Differentiation Scientist/Bioengineer.  Her current work focuses on implementing cardiac differentiation methods and developing the cardiomyocyte pipeline using the gene-edited human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) produced within the group. Kaytlyn obtained her PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Washington, where she studied cell transplantation and tissue engineering for cardiac regenerative medicine, using stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes in Chuck Murry’s lab. Prior to her graduate work, she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin.

Selected Publications

Fluorescent Gene Tagging of Transcriptionally Silent Genes in hiPSCs

Stem Cell Reports
April 4, 2019

Roberts B, Hendershott MC, Arakaki J, Gerbin KA, Malik H, Nelson A, Gehring J, Hookway C, Ludmann SA, Yang R, Haupt A, Grancharova T, Valencia V, Fuqua MA, Tucker A, Rafelski SM, Gunawardane RN

Scarless gene tagging of transcriptionally silent genes in hiPSCs to visualize cardiomyocyte sarcomeres in live cells

June 9, 2018

Roberts B, Arakaki J, Gerbin KA, Malik H, Nelson A, Hendershott MC, Hookway C, Ludmann SA, Mueller IA, Yang R, Rafelski SM, Gunawardane RN