Staff Profiles

Julie Cass, Ph.D.


Julie joined the Allen Institute for Cell Science as a scientist in the Modeling group in 2018 to develop biophysical models of cells.  

Julie received her BS in Physics from the University of Notre Dame, and MS and PhD in Physics at the University of Washington. During her doctoral research in Paul Wiggins’ biophysics lab, she used computational analyses of time-lapse fluorescence microscopy data to characterize cell-cycle chromosome dynamics and segregation in bacteria. As a part of this effort, she developed image cytometry software to facilitate high-throughput quantitative analyses of large imaging datasets. 

Prior to joining the Allen Institute, Julie worked as a postdoctoral researcher studying muscle biomechanics in Tom Daniel’s lab at the University of Washington. Her primary focus was the theoretical  modeling of the diffusion, convection, and reaction in  periodically contracting muscle, using differential equations of transport. She paired this modeling effort with in vivo measurements of muscle geometry and volume changes using real-time x-ray diffraction imaging of moths in flight at Argonne National Lab.

Selected Publications

A mechanism for sarcomere breathing: volume change and advective flow within the myofilament lattice

Biophysical Journal
September 21, 2021

Cass JA, Williams CD, Irving TC, Lauga E, Malingen S, Daniel TL, Sponberg SN

In vivo X-ray diffraction and simultaneous EMG reveal the time course of myofilament lattice dilation and filament stretch

Journal of Experimental Biology
September 3, 2020

Malingen SA, Asencio AM, Cass JA, Ma W, Irving TC, Daniel TL

A Bayesian framework for the detection of diffusive heterogeneity

PLoS One
May 7, 2020

Cass JA, Williams CD, Theriot J