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Allen Institute for Brain Science Symposium focuses on open questions in neuroscience

Annual symposium features diverse group of leading scientists addressing key areas in neuroscience, looking to future of field

September 28, 2010 | Download PDF

The Allen Institute for Brain Science announced today that it is hosting its second Annual Symposium, "Open Questions in Neuroscience," in Seattle on October 4th and 5th, 2011. The theme of the Symposium is deliberately broad, translating into a thought-provoking program designed to address key areas of neuroscience and look to the future of the field.

Bringing together a diverse group of leading scientists, including two MacArthur Fellows, the meeting will feature a series of presentations and opportunities for formal and informal discussion. The mixture of talks and discussion is intended to inspire innovative thinking and engage participants in exploring compelling and promising avenues for advancing brain research.

Speakers at the symposium include: 

Tom Daniel University of Washington 
Michale Fee Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Itzhak Fried University of California, Los Angeles, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 
Nathaniel Heintz The Rockefeller University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
Leah Krubitzer University of California, Davis 
Markus Meister Harvard University 
Dharmendra S. Modha IBM Research, Almaden 
Sacha B. Nelson Brandeis University 
Richard Palmiter University of Washington; Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
Tomaso Poggio Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Sharad Ramanathan Harvard University 
R. Clay Reid Harvard Medical School 
Eric Schadt Pacific Biosciences 
Idan Segev The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 
Terrence Sejnowski Salk Institute; University of California, San Diego; Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
Pamela Sklar Mount Sinai School of Medicine 
Michael P. Stryker University of California, San Francisco 
Giulio Tononi University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Hongkui Zeng Allen Institute for Brain Science