Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain

Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain: Information for Participants

2022 Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain

Information for workshop participants

We are looking forward to hosting you at the 2022 Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain. If you have any additional questions not covered by the information on this page and the main workshop pages, please contact

This page is continuously updated with current information. Latest update: March 18, 2022.

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2021 Covid protocols

2022 Covid protocols will be announced soon.

Vaccines: The Allen Institute requires that all workshop participants must be fully vaccinated with any approved vaccine (two weeks after the final dose). You will receive an automated email from RedCap, a secure survey software, where you will upload your proof of vaccine. Note that RedCap has a very small file size limit; if the site freezes, try compressing the file.

Testing: All workshop participants must submit a negative PCR or antigen Covid test taken within 72 hours of their arrival in Seattle (if participating in the Python bootcamp) or FHL (all others). Tests taken before departing on a flight for Seattle are acceptable. You may wish to use a home testing kit like this PCR kit or this antigen kit if you have trouble getting to a testing site. You will receive a second automated email from RedCap to upload your test results. As tests may come back positive for up to 3 months after an infection, if you had a recent Covid infection, follow the instructions in the RedCap survey. Covid test results are due 12 hours before your arrival.

Masking and social distancing: All participants will be required to wear masks during lectures in the Commons and during other indoor activities, except while eating. Masks are strongly recommended for individual work time, small-group collaboration, and outdoors. Practice social distancing whenever possible. FHL also requires that residents do not eat in restaurants in town; takeout and grocery runs are acceptable.

Symptom screening: All participants must complete a daily symptom screening survey before participating in any activities. Affirm that you have no symptoms each morning by initialing the chart found in the Commons. If anyone develops symptoms, they should follow FHL’s quarantine procedures (see page 14).

Participants will be asked to follow additional infection control protocols as directed.


The 2022 course will follow a similar schedule to the 2021 course. Guest speakers and specific talks will vary, but the general schedule remains the same. Week 1 mostly consists of lectures and hands-on tutorials. At the end of week 1, students will choose their project groups and topics. Week 2 includes more lectures and work on the projects, supported by instructors and TAs.

2021 Schedule

August 20-21, optional bootcamp: The optional pre-workshop bootcamp runs from 8am-6pm on Saturday, August 20, and 9am-noon on Sunday, August 21. The bootcamp will be held at locations at the Allen Institute and/or University of Washington. The exact location details will be provided in July.

If you are not participating in the bootcamp but have arrived in Seattle by Saturday evening, or live in Seattle, you are invited to attend dinner on Saturday. Please email to RSVP.

August 21, depart for Friday Harbor: All students must be at the bus departure point, UW parking lot W24, by 12:45pm on Sunday, August 22. (W24 does not appear in most GPS software. A nearby location to enter into your GPS is Agua Verde Cafe.) The bus will depart at 1:30pm.


You are responsible for arranging transportation to the University of Washington dorms, if you are staying there on the nights of August 19 and/or 20, or to the bus pickup point on August 20 if not.

If you have requested housing at UW on August 19, August 20, and/or September 4, you will check in at Lander Hall before proceeding to your room at Maple Hall. Check out time is 11am.

The workshop provides transportation from Seattle to Friday Harbor. The bus from Seattle will depart from UW parking lot W24 to the Anacortes ferry terminal at 1:30pm on August 21. We will provide ferry tickets.

At the end of the workshop, the bus will return to Seattle by 3pm. You are responsible for arranging transportation back to the airport.

Airport to the University of Washington dorms: A cab or rideshare from the airport typically costs $45-50 and takes about 30 minutes at off-peak hours. The Link light rail travels directly from the airport to the University of Washington and takes about an hour. From the University District station, the dorms about three blocks downhill. (Note that you are looking for the University District station, not the University of Washington station located at the stadium or the University Street station located downtown.)

University of Washington dorms to Allen Institute: A cab or rideshare takes about 15 minutes and typically costs $25-30. Metro bus route 70 travels from about 1 block from the dorms to about 4 blocks from the Allen Institute. It takes about 30 minutes including walking time and costs $2.75 each way.

Workshop facilities

At Friday Harbor Labs, most lectures are held in the Commons, students stay in the dorms, instructors/TAs/guest speakers stay in cottages and apartments, and meals are held in the dining hall. The dining hall and Commons both have patio spaces and indoor areas are well ventilated. FHL is about one mile on flat roads from the town of Friday Harbor.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided by FHL on weekdays; brunch and dinner are provided on weekends. FHL will accomodate all requested dietary restrictions. Students are responsible for their own snacks.

To request fresh linens and towels, email Lee Ann at by Thursday afternoon with a list of the specific new linens you need. The linens will be stacked in the laundry room on Friday morning and labeled with your name. New linens are only available on Friday mornings. The laundry room is accessible for student laundry 24/7.

If you are departing before the end of the workshop (i.e. instructors, TAs), on the morning of your departure, please take out your garbage and take all sheets and towels to the laundry room. Please make sure that you are not in your unit from 9-10am for housekeeping to deliver linens for the next occupant, but you can leave your bags there until you leave.

See more facility info

As of June 15, 2021, Covid safety procedures on site at FHL include:

  • All workshop participants will be vaccinated, and will not interact with other groups at FHL.

  • Workshop participants will be asked to wear a mask when directed.

  • Outdoor spaces for group work will be available.

  • All participants will be housed in single bedrooms (at FHL and, for those who stay any nights in Seattle, in the UW dorms).

  • Dorm rooms/apartments will be left vacant for 2 days between guests and thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning supplies will also be available. Custodial staff do not enter or clean occupied rooms. Linen exchange is contactless.

  • Additional requirements or guidelines may be instituted at any time.

For information on FHL's travel-related Covid requirements, please see FHL's Before and Upon Arrival Information. Do not complete FHL's vaccine attestation form - the RedCap survey administered by the Allen Institute is being used instead of this form.

Software and code

The workshop uses Slack, GitHub, and Python as our primary software tools. In your RSVP survey you provided us with your Slack and GitHub email addresses and you will receive invitations to join both spaces in advance of the workshop.

We strongly recommend downloading the Slack desktop and/or mobile app rather than using the web interface. On GitHub, we will add you as a collaborator to the workshop repository. Please follow the instructions on the Course Preparation page to set up Python on your machine before arriving. The course schedule will also be posted and updated on GitHub.

Suggested packing list

FHL is a rustic facility spread over multiple buildings with many outdoor spaces, and is located right on the water of Puget Sound. Weather in August is typically in the low 70s F/low 20s C during the day and low 50s F/low 10s C overnight. Rain is infrequent in August but it can be windy. Indoor spaces can get warm during the day, and both indoor and outdoor spaces are often cold at night. Recommended items to pack suggested by past participants and staff include:

  • Face masks (N95 masks will also protect against smoke - August is fire season)

  • Proof of vaccination

  • Thermometer

  • Flashlight

  • Travel mug (coffee and tea are available 24 hours)

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Blanket or towel for sitting outside

  • Baseball cap

  • Bug spray

  • Shower shoes

  • Shower caddy (dorm-style bathrooms)

  • Power strip/splitter for dorm room (limited outlets in some rooms)

  • Fleece jacket/sweatshirt

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Card or board games for down time

  • Activewear - many students run, do yoga, or even swim in Puget Sound during down time

FHL provides linens and towels for dorm rooms. Coin-operated laundry facilities are available 24/7 on site. The town of Friday Harbor is about one mile away and has a pharmacy, a grocery store, and small clothing stores. Due to Covid, FHL requests that visitors minimize trips into town.