BICCN Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting

BICCN Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting

The BICCN Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting will be held on Wednesday November 3, 2021. Please find important event information below, including the meeting agenda and how to get assistance during the meeting. The Zoom meeting information will be added closer to the event.


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Passcode: 852053

Attendee list


Wednesday, November 3, 2021



Time: Eastern

Time: Pacific

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Meeting introduction

Yao, Hawrylycz



Whole Mouse Brain

Mukamel, Zeng

12:15-12:30pm 9:15-9:30am

Cell Type Specific Enhancers

Ecker, Lein, Tasic, Ren 12:30-12:45pm 9:30-9:45am
Molecular Wiring Diagrams


12:45-1:00pm 9:45-10:00am


- 1:00-1:15pm 10:00-10:15am
Omics Standards

2.0 Mouse Brain Morphology Working Group

1:15-1:30pm 10:15-10:30am

Morphology Standards

Full Brain Morphology Working Group 1:30-1:45pm 10:30-10:45am

Proteomics Standards

3D Proteomics Working Group 1:45-2:00pm 10:45-11:00am
Molecular Wiring Diagrams Dong, Mitra 2:00-2:15pm 11:00-11:15am

Infrastructure Standards & Discussion

Hawrylycz, Martone







Human and NHP Kriegstein, Lein 2:45-3:00pm 11:45am-12:00pm
Developing Brain Atlas Arlotta, Nowakowski 3:00-3:15pm 12:00-12:15pm
Proteomic Brain Atlas Chung 3:15-3:30pm 12:15-12:30pm
Short Presentations Feng, Kim, Kreigstein, Mitra 3:30-3:50pm 12:30-12:50pm
Joint PsychENCODE, NCRCRG, and Convergent Neuroscience Program Meeting Discussion Yao, Hawrylycz 3:50-4:30pm 12:50-1:30pm
Adjourn - 4:30pm 1:30pm


Joining the meeting on Zoom

We strongly recommend installing the Zoom desktop client or app. If you will be joining through a browser, please note meeting audio may not work with browsers other than Chrome. If you are new to Zoom, be sure to use the Zoom test call link to make sure your sound and video are working.

Zoom has recently released an update that includes some useful new features. We recommend updating your Zoom app before the meeting. Learn more about how to update Zoom.

The Allen Institute Events Team will open the Zoom meeting 30 minutes early for troubleshooting. Please plan to log in early to test your camera and microphone and get familiar with the virtual meeting environment.

Please see the calendar invite for the Zoom meeting link. Please do not forward or share this link.

During the meeting:

  • If you know you have slower bandwidth, close out of all other programs and browser windows before you begin. You may also consider using phone audio rather than computer to conserve bandwidth.
  • Plan to call in from a comfortable desk/table that is well-lit (not back-lit). We’d like all participants to keep video on as much as possible to facilitate discussion – but too much movement can be a distraction.
  • Keep yourself muted if there is background noise in your space – you can temporarily unmute by pressing & holding space bar.
  • Raise your hand using the Participant Window to be called on to ask a question during presentations and Q&A or discussion sessions.
  • Use the Chat window. Send questions there for the presenters if you aren't able to ask your question out loud. Be sure to start you message with @NAME of who your question is for.
  • If you have to step out temporarily, send a message to the co-hosts, then let us know when you’re back.

Assistance before or during the meeting

If you you are having trouble logging on or you have any questions, please contact us at During the meeting, participants can also contact the meeting host or co-hosts in Zoom chat.