2022 BICAN Kickoff Meeting

BICAN 2022 Virtual Kickoff Meeting

The BICAN 2022 Virtual Kickoff Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Agenda subject to change. Meeting start and end times are finalized.



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Zoom meeting opens   8:20am 11:20am 5:20pm

Welcome to the BICAN Consortium - NIH introduction

John Ngai and Yong Yao



BICAN Consortium operations discussion

Mike Hawrylycz, Carol Thompson, and Maryann Martone

8:50-9:15am 11:50am-12:15pm 5:50-6:15pm
Scientific session 1: introduction to UM1 awards (20 minutes each)

An atlas of human brain cell variation - Steven McCarroll, Evan Macosko

Functionally guided adult whole brain cell atlas in human and NHP - Ed Lein, Hongkui Zeng

A multidisciplinary center for developing human and non-human primate brain cell atlases - Arnold Kriegstein, Nenad Sestan

Center for multiomic human brain cell atlas - Joseph Ecker, Bing Ren

9:15-10:35am 12:15-1:35pm 6:15-7:35pm





Scientific session 2: introduction to U01 awards (10 minutes each)

Spatiotemporal epigenomic and chromosomal architectural cell atlas of developing human brains - Chongyuan Luo

Bridging function, connectivity, and transcriptomics of mouse cortical neurons - Anton Arkhipov, Marina Garrett

Comprehensive single-cell atlas of the developing mouse brain - Paola Arlotta, Tomasz Nowakowski

10:50-11:20am 1:50-2:20pm 7:50-8:20pm
BICAN data ecosystem Mike Hawrylycz, Carol Thompson, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Owen White, Tim Tickle, Shoaib Mufti, Maryann Martone, Wenjin Jim Zheng 11:20am-12:05pm 2:20-3:05pm 8:20-9:05pm
Wrap up and goals for November meeting Mike Hawrylycz 12:05-12:30pm 3:05-3:30pm 9:05-9:30pm


Assistance before or during the meeting

If you you are having trouble logging on or you have any questions, please contact us at events@alleninstitute.org. During the meeting, participants can also contact the meeting host or co-hosts in Zoom chat.