Staff Profiles

Yeme Bishaw

Research Associate II

Yeme is a research associate with the Human Cell Types group at the Allen Institute. She graduated from Washington State University in 2019 with a B.S. in Biochemistry. As an undergraduate, Yemeserach was involved in muscle biology research. She studied muscular dystrophy in mice models and performed histological and biochemical analysis. Additionally, Yeme studied heart failure to understand its effects on the molecular mechanisms of contraction and relaxation of the heart using cardiac muscle from mice and humans.

Selected Publications

Functional enhancer elements drive subclass-selective expression from mouse to primate neocortex

Cell Reports
March 30, 2021

Mich JK, Graybuck LT, Hess EE, Mahoney JT, Kojima Y, Ding Y, Somasundaram S, Miller JA, Kalmbach BE, Radaelli C, Gore BB, Weed N, Omstead V, Bishaw Y, Shapovalova NV, Martinez RA, Fong O, Yao S, Mortrud M, Chong P, Loftus L, Bertagnolli D, Goldy J, Casper T, Dee N, Opitz-Araya X, Cetin A, Smith KA, Gwinn RP, Cobbs C, Ko AL, Ojemann JG, Keene CD, Silbergeld DL, Sunkin SM, Gradinaru V, Horwitz GD, Zeng H, Tasic B, Lein ES, Ting JT, Levi BP