Staff Profiles

Wenjing Yin, Ph.D.

Scientist III

Wenjing Yin is currently with the Neural Coding group tasked at collecting electron microscopy (EM) data to reconstruct the 3D networks of brain’s cortex, with the goal of producing a highly refined automated segmentation algorithm. Before joining the Allen Institute, she worked at Intel Logic Technology Development for over four years on the process development of Intel’s 22nm and 14nm node FinFET technology. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia, where she conducted research on novel Nanoelectronics materials including dilute magnetic MnGe thin films and phase-transition Vanadium dioxide.  


Research Interests

I am working on the process development of TEMCA, a high-throughput electron microscope with the purpose of automated image data collection. I am also interested in the image processing and large data analysis.


  • Materials science (semiconductor and metal oxides)
  • Electron microscopy
  • Semiconductor device and process development

Research Programs

  • Neural Coding

Selected Publications

A petascale automated imaging pipeline for mapping neuronal circuits with high-throughput transmission electron microscopy

Nature Communications
October 2, 2020

Yin W, Brittain D, Borseth J, Scott ME, Williams D, Perkins J, Own CS, Murfitt M, Torres RM, Kapner D, Mahalingam G, Bleckert A, Castelli D, Reid D, Lee WA, Graham BJ, Takeno M, Bumbarger DJ, Farrell C, Reid RC, da Costa NM

Enhanced magnetic and electrical properties in amorphous Ge:Mn thin films by non-magnetic codoping

Journal of Applied Physics
December 2011

Yin W, Kell CD, He L, Dolph MC, Duska C, Lu J, Hull R, Floro JA, Wolf SA

Modulation of the magnetism in ion implanted MnxGe1−x thin films by rapid thermal anneal

Journal of Applied Physics
August 2010

Yin W, He L, Dolph MC, Lu J, Hull R, Wolf SA

Nanoscale probing of electronic band gap and topography of VO2 thin film surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopy

Journal of Applied Physics
November 2010

Yin W, Wolf S, Ko C, Ramanathan S, Reinke P

The metal-insulator transition in vanadium dioxide: A view at bulk and surface contributions for thin films and the effect of annealing

Journal of Applied Physics
May 2009

Yin W, West KG, Lu JW, Pei Y, Wolf SA, Reinke P, Sun Y