Staff Profiles

Tracy Tran

Technical Project Manager

Tracy joined the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2022 as a Technical Project Manager. Working with the Data and Technology team, she plans and executes projects such as visualization applications, knowledge graphs, and integrated data frameworks. Such projects serve as a foundation for the Institute's science projects. 

Prior to joining the Allen Institute, Tracy worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft: first designing and building pen, touch, and voice experiences for Office apps such as Word and PowerPoint, and then joining Microsoft Research to work with researchers, product teams, and external partners to deploy late stage research. She holds several patents in productivity software experiences, and her research contributions have ranged from tactile interfaces for accessibility to hyperlocal urban air quality sensing networks. 

Tracy earned a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Math from the University of Washington.

Selected Publications

Interactiles: 3D Printed Tactile Interfaces to Enhance Mobile Touchscreen Accessibility


Zhang X, Tran T, Sun Y, Culhane I, Jain S, Fogarty J, Mankoff J

Preliminary Evaluation of the DUSTRAN Modeling Suite for Modeling Atmospheric Chloride Transport

Journal of Air Quality

Jensen P, Tran T, Fritz B, Rutz F, Ross S, Gorton A, Devanathan R, Plante P, Trainor K