Staff Profiles

Lauren Alfiler

Research Associate II

Lauren is part of the morphology & 3D reconstruction team, where she helps with full virtual reconstruction of neurons in both humans and mice. This data is part of multiple team effort in cross examining a single cell’s properties of morphology, electrophysiology, and transcriptomic data. This dataset allows researchers to see what properties vary or stay constant between features.

Prior to the Allen Institute, she was an undergraduate researcher at Western Washington University, in Dr. Jackie Rose’s lab studying the molecular mechanisms behind learning using the model organism, C. Elegans. After graduation, she worked as lab technician in Dr. Gary Kaplan’s lab in Boston, MA at Veterans Affairs Hospital with partnership to Boston University & Harvard. There she helped study comorbid model of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury), and opioid addiction in mice, to help better understand these compounding disorders effect Veterans. Lauren graduated Western Washington University with double major in Cell & Molecular Biology, and Behavioral Neuroscience in 2017.

Selected Publications

Integrated Morphoelectric and Transcriptomic Classification of Cortical GABAergic Cells

November 12, 2020

Gouwens NW, Sorensen SA, Baftizadeh F, Budzillo A, Lee BR, Jarsky T, Alfiler L, Baker K, Barkan E, Berry K, Bertagnolli D, Bickley K, Bomben J, Braun T, Brouner K, Casper T, Crichton K, Daigle TL, Dalley R, de Frates RA, Dee N, Desta T, Lee SD, Dotson N, Egdorf T, Ellingwood L, Enstrom R, Esposito L, Farrell C, Feng D, Fong O, Gala R, Gamlin C, Gary A, Glandon A, Goldy J, Gorham M, Graybuck L, Gu H, Hadley K, Hawrylycz MJ, Henry AM, Hill D, Hupp M, Kebede S, Kim TK, Kim L, Kroll M, Lee C, Link KE, Mallory M, Mann R, Maxwell M, McGraw M, McMillen D, Mukora A, Ng L, Ng L, Ngo K, Nicovich PR, Oldre A, Park D, Peng H, Penn O, Pham T, Pom A, Popović Z, Potekhina L, Rajanbabu R, Ransford S, Reid D, Rimorin C, Robertson M, Ronellenfitch K, Ruiz A, Sandman D, Smith K, Sulc J, Sunkin SM, Szafer A, Tieu M, Torkelson A, Trinh J, Tung H, Wakeman W, Ward K, Williams G, Zhou Z, Ting JT, Arkhipov A, Sümbül U, Lein ES, Koch C, Yao Z, Tasic B, Berg J, Murphy GJ, Zeng H