Staff Profiles

Josh Royall

Research Associate, Sr.

Josh began with the Allen Institute in 2004 with a role in cryosectioning that quickly expanded into tissue processing, data validation, ISH analysis, comparative molecular profiling and ultimately, into his current position in Reference Neuroanatomy. During his tenure at the Institute, Josh has manually characterized genome-wide expression patterns in mouse, macaque and human brains, and helped build completely novel neuroanatomical atlases in the developing human and 3D mouse.

Prior to the joining the Institute, Josh worked as a Flow Cytometry specialist at the Fred Hutch and Dendreon. Josh holds degrees in Biology, Anthropology, and Botany from the University of Washington. 

Selected Publications

The Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework: A 3D Reference Atlas

May 14, 2020

Wang Q, Ding SL, Li Y, Royall J, Feng D, Lesnar P, Graddis N, Naeemi M, Facer B, Ho A, Dolbeare T, Blanchard B, Dee N, Wakeman W, Hirokawa KE, Szafer A, Sunkin SM, Oh SW, Bernard A, Phillips JW, Hawrylycz M, Koch C, Zeng H, Harris JA, Ng L