Staff Profiles

Josh Larkin

Research Associate III

Currently, Josh works in the Optical Physiology team, managing day to day operations of the team's portion of the Visual Coding Pipeline. Moreover, Josh has an instrumental part in the development of the forthcoming Visual Behavior pipeline project, as well as working on the V1 Deep Dive pilot project, and other analyses. Josh came to the Allen Institute from the University of British Columbia where he studied behavioral neuroscience while working in the Floresco Lab using in vivo pharmacological manipulations to modulate risk-based decision making in an operant task. Josh received a M.S. in Neuroscience in 2015. Prior, he graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with a B.S. in Psychology.

Selected Publications

A large-scale, standardized physiological survey reveals higher order coding throughout the mouse visual cortex

June 29, 2018

de Vries S, Lecoq J, Buice MA, Groblewski PA, Ocker GK, Oliver M, Feng F, Cain N, Ledochowitsch P, Millman D, Roll K, Garrett M, Keenan T, Kuan L, Mihalas S, Olsen S, Thompson C, Wakeman W, Waters J, Williams D, Barber C, Berbesque N, Blanchard B, Bowles N, Caldejon S, Casal L, Cho A, Cross S, Dang C, Dolbeare T, Edwards M, Galbraith J, Gaudreault N, Griffin F, Hargrave P, Howard R, Huang L, Jewell S, Keller N, Knoblich U, Larkin J, Larsen R, Lau C, Lee E, Lee F, Leon A, Li L, Long F, Luviano J, Mace K, Nguyen T, Perkins J, Robertson M, Seid S, Shea-Brown E, Shi J, Sjoquist N, Slaughterbeck C, Sullivan D, Valenza R, White C, Williford A, Witten D, Zhuang J, Zeng H, Farrell C, Ng L, Bernard A, Phillips JW, R Reid C, Koch C