Staff Profiles

Greggory Heller

Research Associate II

Greggory Heller joined the Allen Institute in 2017 as part of the Neural Coding team. He is currently working with Josh Siegle to develop, streamline and standardize techniques for performing electrophysiology recordings in mouse visual cortex. They will be recording in multiple visual areas simultaneously, through the entire depth of cortex. Eventually, they will be involved in both the development, and implementation of the necessary surgical and experimental procedures, as well as data pre-processing and analysis. This work is a part of the team’s effort to understand population coding as it occurs in passive viewing and visual behavior tasks.

Prior to joining the institute, Greggory earned his B.S. in Neuroscience and Mathematics from Bates College. At Bates, he worked under Jason Castro to investigate the effects of social odor exposure on properties of dendrites in the mouse olfactory bulb.