Staff Profiles

Dan Millman, Ph.D.

Scientist I

Dan Millman joined the Allen Institute in 2016 as a member of the Neural Coding group. His research focuses on the coding of sensory information in visual cortex during ethologically-relevant behavior, including the influence of non-visual inputs on the representation of visual information. To this end, he combines optical physiology in awake behaving animals with computational modeling and analysis.

He completed his PhD in the Program in Neuroscience at Harvard University in the lab of Venkatesh Murthy. For his graduate research, he studied sensory processing of odor information in higher order olfactory brain regions of mice. Prior to starting a PhD, he completed a master’s thesis in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in the lab of Ernst Niebur. In that work, he used computational methods, including modeling and large-scale network simulations, to study the spatiotemporal dynamics of population activity in recurrent neuronal networks.

Selected Publications

A large-scale, standardized physiological survey reveals higher order coding throughout the mouse visual cortex

June 29, 2018

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