Christof Koch

Reflections on the World

Selected Reflections on the World

Five myths about consciousness

Christof Koch describes five misunderstandings about consciousness, a concept that has inspired countless philosophical theories and much laboratory work over the past century.

To Keep Up with AI, We'll Need High-Tech Brains

Technologies that enhance the human brain will be essential to avoid a dystopian future fueled by the rise of artificial intelligence

How To Make a Consciousness Meter

Zapping the brain with magnetic pulses while measuring its electrical activity is proving to be a reliable way to detect consciousness.

How the Computer Beat the Go Master

As a leading go player falls to a machine, artificial intelligence takes a decisive step on the road to overtaking the natural variety.

Biological Imitation Game

The digital reconstruction of a slice of rat somatosensory cortex from the Blue Brain Project provides the most complete simulation of a piece of excitable brain matter to date. To place these efforts in context and highlight their strengths and limitations, we introduce a Biological Imitation Game, based on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game, that operationalizes the difference between real and simulated brains. 

A Tribute to Oliver Sacks from Colleague and Friend Christof Koch

The famed neurologist–author found uniqueness in every patient and savored the miracle of existence, whether it be found in squirrel monkeys or people.

A Science of Intelligence

Tomaso Poggio and Christof Koch comment on the lack of our understanding of what constitutes human Intelligence and the need for a “science of intelligence.”

Lust and the Turing test

The movie Ex Machina prompts me to reflect upon the evolution of the idea of machine sentience over the past three decades of science fiction on film.