Staff Profiles

Anna Marie Yanny

Research Associate II

Anna Marie is part of the Human Cell Types team where she is helping to classify neuronal and glial cell types in the human brain through transcriptional profiling.  The Human Cell Types team combines transcriptional, morphological, anatomical, and physiological data to determine the types of cells in the human brain. Prior to joining the Institute, Anna Marie worked at Western Washington University with Dr. McNeel Jantzen, where she used electroencephalography to research how musicianship influences speech processing. She also worked at WWU with Dr. Dietmar Schwarz to research the ecological physiology and genetics of desiccation resistance in the apple maggot fly.  Her experience includes two internships at UW Neurosurgery and PeaceHealth Neurology where she conducted research on motor neuron survival in rats after spinal cord injury and observed neurodiagnostic procedures for epilepsy screening.  Anna Marie earned her B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Western Washington University.