Staff Profiles

Abhi Aggarwal

Research Associate II

Abhi is in the Optophysiology program at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics. His research is focused on developing biosensors and tools for neural imaging in vivo. He received a BSc in Biology and Chemistry from University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada. He later joined Kaspar Podgorski’s lab at HHMI Janelia Research Campus where he developed genetically encoded neurotransmitter indicators for recording synaptic activity. Abhi joined the Allen Institute in Jan 2022, where he is working to engineer novel tools to help scientists study computations that occur in individual neurons in the brain.

Selected Publications

Glutamate indicators with improved activation kinetics and localization for imaging synaptic transmission

February 2022

Aggarwal A, Liu R, Chen Y, Ralowicz AJ, Bergerson SJ, Tomaska F, Hanson TL, Hasseman JP, Reep D, Tsegaye G, Yao P, Ji X, Kloos M, Walpita D, Patel R, Tilberg PW, Mohar B, Looger L, Marvin J, Hoppa M, Konnerth A, Kleinfeld D, Schreiter ER, Podgorski K

A genetically encoded fluorescent biosensor for extracellular L-lactate

Nature Communications
December 2021

Nasu Y, Murphy-Royal C, Wen Y, Haidey JN, Molina RS, Aggarwal A, Zhang S, Kamijo Y, Paque Mt, Podgorski K, Drobizhev M, Bains JS, Lemieux MJ, Gordon GR, Campbell RE

Bright and High-Performance Genetically Encoded Ca2+ Indicator Based on mNeonGreen Fluorescent Protein

ACS Sensors
June 2020

Zarowny L, Aggarwal A, Rutten VMS, Kolb I, The GENIE Project, Patel R, Huang H, Chang Y, Phan T, Kanyo R, Ahrens MB, Allison WT, Podgorski K, Campbell RE

jYCaMP: an optimized calcium indicator for two-photon imaging at fiber laser wavelengths

Nature Methods
May 25, 2020

Mohr MA, Bushey D, Aggarwal A, Marvin JS, Kim JJ, Marquez EJ, Liang Y, Patel R, Macklin JJ, Lee C, Tsang A, Tsegaye G, Ahrens AM, Chen JL, Kim DS, Wong AM, Looger LL, Schreiter ER, Podgorski K

Far-red fluorescent genetically encoded calcium ion indicators


Dalangin R, Drobizhev M, Molina RS, Aggarwal A, Patel R, Abdelfattah AS, Zhao Y, Wu J, Podgorski K, chreiter ER, Hughes TE, Campbell RE, Shen Y

Genetically encoded fluorescent indicators for imaging intracellular potassium ion concentration

Communications Biology
January 2019

Shen Y, Wu S, Rancic V, Aggarwal A, Qian Y, Miyashita S, Ballanyi K, Campbell RE, Dong M