Future Neuroscience Division at the Allen Institute

A new institute for neuroscience research

Inside the Allen Institute Headquarters, based in Seattle, Washington

The Allen Institute is launching a new neuroscience research division to understand how dynamic neuronal signals at the level of the entire brain implement fundamental computations and drive flexible behaviors. The team will search for explanations at the level of defined neuron types and structured neural circuits.

This Institute is separate from the existing Allen Institute for Brain Science but will benefit from partnerships with this and other research teams at the Allen Institute.

The new Institute will be led by Karel Svoboda, Ph.D., currently a senior group leader at The Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus, who anticipates joining the Allen Institute in late 2021.

Interdisciplinary, Team Approach

The new Institute will push into uncharted areas propelled by an interdisciplinary approach, harnessing cutting-edge experiments, technology development, and computation. To accelerate discoveries, the team will invent new tools and methods when existing approaches do not meet our needs. We are taking a long-term approach because breakthroughs require persistence.

This new Institute team will be composed of scientists and engineers who are motivated by grand challenges. We plan to practice team science because working together across disciplines expands our collective capabilities. Yet we will also nurture bottom-up discovery science, fueled by intellectual freedom and creativity. We believe collaboration, courage, integrity, continuous learning, openness, and diversity will be critical to our success.

Career Opportunities

Staff recruitment for the new division is currently underway. The Allen Institute is seeking explorers and innovators who are excited about being part of this brand-new endeavor. These science and technology leaders will help to shape the Institute’s culture and research programs. See below for open jobs, or contact Jim Berg, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Operations, with questions about collaboration or unlisted career opportunities.

Visit our careers page for more information about working at the Allen Institute and find open job postings below. 

Scientist 1 – Microscopy data scientist
We seek a skilled data scientist to collaborate with a team of scientists and engineers to build and develop an analysis pipeline for large-scale light-sheet microscopy. The scientist will deploy large-scale data analysis pipelines on cluster and cloud-based architectures to analyze large-scale datasets with the goal of understanding the mechanisms of multi-regional neural communication.

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Scientist 1 – Machine learning analysis of large-scale image data
We plan to generate high-throughput images of the complete arbors of individual neurons. Both the size and the complexity of these datasets require an automated approach to the reconstruction of neuronal arbors. We are seeking to fill a position at the level of Scientist to work with the Institute’s quantitative and experimental scientists on high-priority problems in neuronal reconstruction and analysis that include (i) topology-preserving approaches to neuronal segmentation, (ii) deep learning-based analysis of morpho-molecular datasets, and (iii) high performance computing.

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Scientific Program Manager
We seek an experienced program and alliance manager to lead program management at this new Institute. This individual will have the unique opportunity to shape processes to maximize communication, collaboration, and ultimately the scientific impact of the AIx2 team.

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