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Introduction to Microscopy in Biology

Viewing cells in 3D with the Allen Institute for Cell Science 3D Cell Viewer

A ~75-90 minute presentation and activity explaining how images of cells are collected in research labs and how scientists analyze those images. Two versions of the activity are provided: a basic version using analysis tools available through the Allen Cell Explorer website (grades 9-10), which is demonstrated in the presentation and in the handout, and an advanced activity using FIJI for more sophisticated quantitative image analysis, which is demonstrated in the handout only. We recommend that students complete the basic version before progressing to the advanced version.

Download the slides to give the presentation yourself, or play a video for your class of a cell biologist from the Allen Institute for Cell Science presenting the activity introduction and the basic activity. The teacher notes download also includes the student handout used in both activities.

Grade level: 9-12 (basic activity), 11-12 (advanced activity)

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Teacher Notes and Handouts

Readings and Resources

This image of Convallaria, also known as lily of the valley, was converted from a mosaic file to a more standard image format using AICSImageIO, a new open-source software developed by the Allen Institute for Cell Science.

Healthy Cells, Healthy Bodies

This lesson introduces fundamental concepts in cell biology using images of cells from Allen Institute for Cell Science

Five things we still don't know about cells

Picture one of your cells. Chances are you’re thinking about the fried-egg-reminiscent illustration.
The Visual Guide to Human Cells lets users rotate, zoom in and out, and highlight different structures inside a 3D model of a human stem cell.

Visual Guide to Human Cells

Take a look inside healthy human cells with the Visual Guide to Human Cells.
Texture Background Image Texture Background Image