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Adebambo Adedire

Research Associate II


Adebambo Adedire joined the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2023 as part of the mouse cell types research program. Before joining the Allen Institute, he was a researcher at Georgetown University’s Department of Neuroscience in Washington, D.C. under Josef P. Rauschecker, Ph.D. investigating auditory perception in non-human primates. Additionally, Adebambo conducted research within the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, MD under David Leopold, Ph.D. At the NIMH, he conducted electrophysiology recordings in non-human primates to understand the functional organization of high-level visual systems within the brain. Adebambo has undergraduate research experience within Emory University’s Department of Pharmacology in Atlanta, GA, and Georgia State University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Atlanta, GA. Adebambo obtained his bachelor's degree in philosophy, neuroscience, and behavioral biology from Emory University.