In Motion: 2015 Annual Report

November 2, 2015

Our ability to interact with the world around us arises from thoughts moving through our brains. Cognition is dynamic, and so are our neurons as they share signals and form new connections.

At the Allen Institute, our science reflects that constant motion. We study the movement of signals between the brain’s individual living cells. We move and manipulate our data in three dimensions. We are embarking on a new project to study the intricate inner workings of cells as they dynamically move and interact. 

Our 2015 Annual Report delves into some of our most exciting science to date. You can read about how we are profiling individual neurons, reconstructing them in three dimensions, modeling vision in the brain, characterizing human cells, leading the global charge to standardize neuroscience data and much more.

Read our 2015 Annual Report in its entirety below.