SLU Collaborative

Sharing knowledge, accelerating science

Here in our SLU neighborhood, technology is rapidly becoming the biggest industry. We are fortunate that our research centers are co-located with these tech and biotech innovators. Together, it means we should be able to more cohesively and conveniently partner, which will speed discoveries to market and impact patient care. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that we are successful.

That is why Drs. Gary GillilandPaul Ramsey and Allan Jones brought together Fred HutchUW Medicine and the Allen Institute as the SLU Collaborative. The hope is for the SLU Collaborative to provide a formal infrastructure for sharing knowledge and accelerating science.

Seminar Series

The SLU Collaborative hosts a quarterly seminar series with the goal to provide a forum to foster networking and idea sharing to promote greater synergy among the research and tech partners in the SLU neighborhood.

We all know that each of our institutions approaches science somewhat differently — in some cases, very differently. But that doesn’t mean our goals are divergent — what it should mean is our approaches are complementary. Because what we find in science is that despite where we start and what we do, we can always find the common ground that can make us all better.

Our seminars are intended to be a starting point for collaborations that will utilize the resources of our scientific neighbors to drive exciting research.